Rawr~ and such, Its me Siggy.

Britfur - Stuck on Fraggle Rock a.k.a the Isle of Man Tamworth - Staffordshire - Home

Artist Type - I like to think more commissioner of fine arts, but that was not on the list, so I'm an art whore.

Sexuality - Well, they say you have to try anything at least once to know you don't like it, right?

Interests FA - Musclefurs, Britfurs and anything in between~

Likes - Helping, freedom to choose and of speech, loud music, shiny things, the United Kingdom (minus the weather) and the monarchy.

Dislikes - Oppression, fighting without cause or forethought, being silenced, meatheads (men who think of only themselves) and the government.

Personal Art Style - Typography - Stencil work

About Me - I like a bit of everything, music, hobbies, yadda yadda yadda. Just an average 8', 400lb Black and White Siberian Husky, always try to be a gentlemen as one should be after all its only right. though sometimes my own naivety can get the better of me and I end up doing something really random/funny/dumb depending on perspective, that aside I am quite a playful Husky, always looking for a good laugh and to help out in anyway I can, I'm usually a little shy at first but... When that shyness disappears, it goes very quickly. Also friends are friends because you care about them, I am viciously protective. But don't let that put you off, please leave a comment, shout, scream, holler, howl, whatever you like and I'll take a look, it's always nice hearing from others.

Gaming - STEAM and ORIGIN are the same name, for those interested steam link in contacts.

PLEASE Note or Shout me first.

Contacting Me - All personal things of importance such as commissions, asking about steam or origin and conversations REQUIRING privacy, can you please send as a note, for more normal things like saying hello, could I have them as shouts please~


Ask First - Not for RP

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What the F--- is this weasyl

on 25 January 2014 at 13:47:51 MST

Okay can someone explain to me what sort of brain dead muppet thought it would be a good idea to change the coding in the website to something you need a bloody degree from MIT in order to work...Weasyl you're supposed to be "better than FurAffinity" well right now you're doing a good job of sucking!

Seriously what the frick is this nonsense...And I can't use ">" or "<" anymore? come on Weasyl pull your act together.

It was already a pain using your old system and now you make it tenfold worse.. Did all the mind-men in the office decide to take a swan-dive off the cliffs of dumb f--- or something?

So yes I'm staying on FurAffinity where they may not have the best staff but damn they know a thing or two about ideal coding or at least more of an idea than you do Weasyl!


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