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Next quest by sifyro

Next quest


24 March 2020 at 13:55:24 MDT

I have been working on it for some days~

Featuring my characters:

Sifyro (The siphary dragon)

Zephyr (The redish praimortis)

Lamneus (the green daenanguis)

Anshi (the pink praivitalia)

Koroberi (the angry pferline)

And featuring majp 's character (the yellow goldyura)

All these species belongs to me, you can see more info of them here

💕Here I made new merch of them

✏️Follow me on twitch :3

✏️You can also request commissions on the discord server.

✏️Commission Info:


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    Absolutely loving the composition and energy. And such vibrant colors! ♥