Make me Queen by Sierra Vichniassileff (critique requested)

Make me Queen (critique requested)

Sierra Vichniassileff

13 February 2015 at 08:29:02 MST

Present for Viswey on FA. Vera, the character, belongs to him. Please do not use !
And give me feedback pwease ! >w<

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    This meant to be your critique, not sure if I am submitting it properly.

    I like this. She's really pretty and the anatomy is good. You did a good job showing dimension in your character, but her hair looks 2D and out of place. Also, there is something wrong with the way her boobs are sitting over her arm. Lastly, and this is kind of the big one, I am very confused by the overall mood of the drawing. From the waist down the pose is very confident. From the waist up, she looks timid/fearful (arms crossed over body). She also has a very sad, or distressed facial expression, with no context.

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      First of all, thank you for taking the time of giving me a critique :D

      I admit the boobs look weird. I truly need to improve the way I do them, I honestly absolutely suck at it.
      Yeah, the hairs are really a messed up thing in here... I dunno why, I could only do shit on them. You think you got any idea on hw I could make it better in the future ?
      And finally, the pose was awkward/unsecure on purpose. I mean, the design is really often showed as a confident, dominant shark girl. You should check out Vera from Viswey on FA. It's Viswey's character and she got quite an awesome design. I think I wanted to give a new expression to her that wasnt seen that often.

      I think over all that I got distracted as well... The thing is that he commissioned another artist to draw her at the same time I was working on the pic. The other artist finished before me, and when I saw her version of Vera I kinda got... Desperate I guess. It was so much better in my opinion that I think I got jealous, and ended up messing around ;w;