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Design Teaser by SidFishes

Design Teaser


4 June 2014 at 22:37:07 MDT

Cropped from the full view.

Figured I'd show you a little bit of what I've been working on, this dude being among other projects and some other tweakings to my style. This was just a quick mock up I put together of him with some hasty lines and color slapped on. I already know several features are going to change when I go to draw something proper, namely I have a few more monstery features I'm going to include on him.

Still needs a name too, I'd love to hear folk's thoughts.

I also have some really serious work that I've been putting in in my spare time to establish a "monsterverse" for my monster characters to live in. Each of their personalities are developing and some stories are bubbling beneath the surface. I feel super passionate about this product in ways I haven't ever before. It's very personal to me, and I love every detail of it. I need to work on background studies so I can illustrate them properly for you guys--the graveyard is super neat and I'm really proud of it!

I won't make any hard fast promises, but there will probably be large projects coming out of monsterverse. I don't want to say for certain what they're going to be just yet though. Also, if you have a monster character and you would be interested in having your character cameo in some stuff, just let me know.

This little dude is going to be my next personal fursuit in the future and probably my first body suit. Glowing eyes, skeletal markings, and giant zippers!

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    Your art is really a huge source of inspiration for me at the moment. Good work! :3. Love your designs.

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      Thank you so much! I've been super sick lately and haven't been able to do everything I've been wanting to work on so it means a lot! I've always wanted to make stuff that inspired others. You have no idea how much that means to me~

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        I'm sorry you're feeling ill, that sucks :(. And you're welcome :).