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Undertale: A Collection of Frisks by Shrineheart

Undertale: A Collection of Frisks


9 January 2016 at 09:18:44 MST

There’s been a lot of back and forth and policing from what I’ve seen about Frisk being portrayed a certain way which I think is kind of silly because Frisk is a pretty simple character and since you play as them it’s easy to interpret them as yourself etc. So here’s a small sampling of Frisk interpretations I doodled up for fun.

I talked about this on my main blog previously but I feel like there’s some things folks are forgetting when it comes to Frisk fanart and gender etc:

1) All art, all characters, all stories are up to the interpretation of the reader, watcher, or viewer. Artists, especially, love to try out different interpretations of things and share the way they saw things with others. If someone sees Frisk as gendered a certain way? It’s okay. That’s how they interpreted it. The same way some people draw Harry Potter as Indian or Hermione as Black. Different interpretations are fun and interesting and often can enhance or change things about stories in different ways. Same for Frisk’s age and ethnicity.

2) Nonbinary people are not magically lacking secondary sex characteristics. Frisk could easily look more of what we interpret as masculine or feminine and still be non-binary.

3) Nonbinary people can and do sometimes use he and she as pronouns. They are still nonbinary.

4) And if someone headcanons Frisk as male or female or trans or agender or anything else it’s probably because Frisk is easy to interpret as a variety of things and everyone sees things differently. It’s okay! Variety is the spice of life!

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