Young Hitler by shorty-antics-27

Young Hitler


3 April 2014 at 11:19:22 MDT

This was an assignment for my Intro to Comics class. I do NOT like this strip that much at all. xD;;

It's two pages. The second page is where that thick black divider line is.
The top page I tried using the aimes guide, but I suck at it... so I did freehand for the second one, and I also suck at that. lol... I just want to type in the words! But I can't. ffffff. Not alloooowwwweeeedddd.

I also didn't have a white pen/ink so I wasn't as adventurous with this as I'd like to be... But, I now have white ink so my next/final comic thing will be a lot better, and in my own preferred style!
I kinda rushed things here, too.

There are some in-accuracies here, too. The nude guy doing a pose is an actual drawing by Hitler, but for this comic I made him looking at his front side. MEH.
The 5th panel is just HORRIBLE... and I got lazy and annoyed with the last panel. I didn't want to do more work to the people in the crowd. kjsdglkjsdglkaj

Also, my teacher called Hitler a "prick", so I decided to use what he said for that final panel. lol...

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