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Price Guide by ShortStackStudios

Price Guide


This is the current price guide as of July 15th, 2014. Prices may vary due to complexity and how I see fit.

Human Sized: These start at $16 without a name, $19 for one name, $22 for both sides with desired name.
As well as $22+ for any additional details. (These will be discussed and price may change.)
Fursuit Sized: These start at $24 without a name, $27 for one name, or $32 with a name on both sides. For any additional details, it will be $30+.
These start at $70 for one color, $80 for two colors, $100 for three, or $115+ for four + colours. This goes for both Canine and Feline. Other types will be a case by case bases.
Tails over 4 foot start at $115 and increase in price due to color and length.

These start at $70 for one colour, $85 for two, $100 for three, or $115+ for four or more colours. For claws, add in $5. For LED claws, add in $15.
These come with Minky or Fleece paw pads, in just about any colour. If you would like Silicone paw pads, add $30 as I have to order them and do not make them myself.
These same prices go for Feet as well, however, if you do not provide your own shoe, add $20 to the total as I will need to buy some to build off of.

Body Suits:
These start at a base price of $250. Each additional colour is a $50 increase, this can be discussed if there are small markings or major ones. The price is also determined by your height, as the taller you are the more material you have to use. For 4'5" to 5' there is no additional cost. For 5'1" to 5'6 is an extra $25, for 5'7" and upwards, it's and extra $50.
Pockets are available, are are $25 per pocket. These are large enough to fit a phone or wallet in and are closed via hidden snaps.
Zippers can either be on the front or in the back, I just recommend the front for easy in and out access.
Available soon will be a special pocket for a Camel pack, or a water cooler sort of like a back pack inside of your suit. This will be waterproof and completely safe and will also help keep you cool!

Down Payments:
For orders over $50 require a down payment of 30% to hold your place as well as to order the supplies needed for the commission.

By placing any commissions you have read and agree to my TOS.

Any questions please contact me VIA Email listed in my TOS,

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