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[C/G] Frosty Mage Tahli by Nirriti (Gyaru Alt.) by ShortstacksNeverDie

[C/G] Frosty Mage Tahli by Nirriti (Gyaru Alt.)


The chill air presses itself against the abode the little Tahli calls home. Inside she is warm enough that it's not too much of a bother. If the temperature were to drop suddenly, a little swipe from her sword and casting more fire won't be a hassle. The little wind-up Alisaie doesn't actually have any magical properties besides walking around and moving.

Drawing of Tahli and alt version is by Nirriti
Background, Wind-up Alisaie, and small painting edits are by me
Tahli belongs to me
Alisaie belongs to Square Enix