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"Princess, I have Come to Save Y-" by ShortstacksNeverDie

"Princess, I have Come to Save Y-"


Cephei ventures into the Bastille where a princess is being held captive. The reward was not specified but was said to be every man's hopes and dreams. I don't think he found the princess though.

In this little funny comic doodle I did last night. It's in monochrome so I don't take too long with the coloring. I wanted to introduce my two new characters Ivory and Trinity. Two dragon ladies who were held captive and need rescuing. Well I don't think they were captured, they were just waiting for some hero to come by and help them; and help them Cephei shall.

FUN FACT# 1) Trinity is not the one with three horns. #2) Trinity has a penis. BTW: This isn't their final design

Characters belong to me.