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Ash getting mad by Shironya

Ash getting mad


Ashe/Ash is always tired and she doesn't waste energy to talk much. She gets easily irritated but is mostly too tired to put on angry face - so she just leaves the situation.
Ashe doesn't like touch in any way. If someone touches Ashe the handprint and the feel of the hand sticks with Ashe for some time making her little by little more irritated (a phantom touch).
If she gets too angry, she starts to explode or draw matter on herself turning into the negative form. Using powers makes her more tired and therefore she mainly uses them when someone makes her really mad to have the person understand to leave her alone.
It's okay to be near her as long as you don't touch her or demand on her answering in your things. Mostly she just wants to be in peace by herself. She doesn't have interest in using her power without being desperate to have someone leave her alone. Leave her be - she doesn't care about you.
You can talk to her and she might sectretly be interested in listening in your stories (you can notice this if she doesn't leave - if she silently leaves she wasn't interested in the topic or you had an annoying way of speaking).

Normal form:

  • Can burn people into ash when gets angry
  • Doesn't really talk

Negative form:

  • Can use telekinesis, telepathy, levitate
  • Might say hurtful things when angry (mainly via telepathy)
  • Draws matter into herself and if she doesn't calm down in time she might turn into a blackhole

Accessory can be golden rings (some on the floating around her body)

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