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Acai Reference


1 February 2014 at 17:39:55 MST

Name: Acai
Gender: male
Tea type: Fruit Tea
Flavor: Acai dragonfruit Melon
Body type: Elegant (dragon), big stocky front legs and paws to support his frame.
Toes: 3 toes on front legs, 4 toes on back legs, long claws
Nose type: Dragon (double whiskered) super rare
Size: Towers over a normal sized brittle, but just slightly shorter than a sovereign.
Others: Sterile
Theme: Indian
Accessories: any type of Indian Garb/gold bangles on legs

Markings: unlike other brittles, Acai has no permanent markings, instead his markings are very henna like in appearance and function. His markings can fade and be replaced with new henna in a similar style to the last. His markings also range from very complex, down to simple.
•Sunflower type marking that's seen in his henna doesn't change. There will always be an instance of the sunflower in his markings.
•The henna on his front legs do not fade or change. They are mandatory markings.

Personality: easily liked/Sultry slut brittle. Acai is a ladies man. He gets into a lot of fights around or during mating season for taking another brittle's female. He's also known to try and trick males into thinking he's female (for fun..maybe) He uses his colors and markings to attract attention of males and females. Acai loves to be the center of attention, and he will 100% try to get something to go in his favor.
• He's often seen hanging around winter spice and getting on his nerves.

•favorite fruit: Melons
-least favorite: Blueberries

Preference: males and females, whatever shows interest in him or he shows interest in.

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