Lupin!Werewolf Reference by ShayShayRaptor

Lupin!Werewolf Reference


6 November 2014 at 18:12:40 MST

Like it says on the tin, a front facing reference for Lupin. I may work on a backside reference, but for now, I'm happy with this. Her back is covered in a few more scars, but the bulk of them face toward the front. About 90% of them were made by the claws or teeth of her Sire, and the rest are miscellaneous causes.

Werewolves are wrath incarnate and require incredibly durable bodies, especially those who are Berserkers. If they go into fits of rage, they needs bodies that can withstand the punishment and damage they not only do to their surroundings, but to themselves as well--usually unknowingly until the aftermath. However, there are exceptions to this: silver and wolfsbane are top contenders in ways to kill werewolves, but so is fire.

Unfortunately, Lupin is currently the only fireproof werewolf in existence because of her preexisting pyrokinesis. Although, claws of another werewolf or potent enough poison from another monster (basilisk poison, to name one outside of wolfsbane or silver) can damage, scar, or kill a werewolf. They're not invincible or immortal, just long lived and incredibly durable. :P It's hard to kill these big fluffy rage monsters, but it can be done.

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