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Heemeyer and the Killdozer (AutoSkunk review) by ShawnSkunk

Heemeyer and the Killdozer (AutoSkunk review)


"I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable, Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things"

let me tell you a story, about a reasonable man, forced to do an unreasonable thing.
this is a story about a man who had been screwed by the city, the press, and according to internet theorists, the elites (a.k.a the politicians).
a man, pushed to the end of his rope and decided to take his revenge on the who wronged him in the only way he thought best, by going on a destructive rampage through town in a armored
bulldozer, dubbed by the news as the Killdozer, for two long hours this man plowed his way through a handful of buildings and businesses belonging to men who have thought to have been
against him.
this is the story of the infamous Killdozer.

Marvin Heemeyer, born October 28, 1951 in Castlewood, South Dakota, Heemayer was an accomplished man, he was an experienced welder, he loved nearly all things mechanical.
he later moved Grand Lakes, Colorado, a town that was about 16 miles away from Grandby, Colorado, Marvin loved it there, it was a beautiful spot and a perfect spot for snowmobiling, in 1992, he
purchased land for $42,000 and opened his own muffler shop in Grandby, like many people with a sense of optimism, he was living the American dream.
locals described even described him as a likable person, Marvin's brother Ken Heemeyer even said he was a man would practically bend over backwards for anyone.

for over ten years Heemeyer lived a good life in Colorado, but then shortly before the year 2000, a cold gray shadow was about to be casted over Heemeyer's business, a large patch of unused
land around his muffler shop was bought up by a group of people (the Docheff family), who wanted to build a concrete factory there, but this posed a problem however, not only did Marvin
actually out-bid the Docheff family for the rest of the property (which started a big feud between them), but also the concrete plant would block the only access road to Heemeyer's muffler shop
as well, for a long he used that patch of land as a road to get to his muffler shop and for his customers to reach him as well, and the plant will obstruct it.
but the Docheff family did give Marvin a call, they were willing to negotiate with him for the rest of the land (the little patch his business sat on), and after long conversation it looked
like they were gonna reach an agreement, the agreement?, Marvin would sell his land to the Docher's for a price of $250,000 dollars (nearly 6x more than what he paid for it back in 92).
and here's where things take a turn, Marvin for whatever reason changed his mind, and he raised his price from 250,000, to $375,000 dollars, the Docheff's agree to pay, but then Heemeyer
raised his price again, this time to an absurd, $1,000,000 dollars, eventually the Docheff's have had enough with him and communications between them promptly broke down and stopped.
then in 2001, after more bureaucratic talks, both the zoning commission and the city of Grandby approved the construction of the concrete plant without Marvin's consent (oh dear), Marvin
having heard of this was furious, he hasn't settled on an agreement yet with the Docheff's, than again it was kinda his fault, his surprise price gouging only created friction between him
and the Docheff's and thinking they would agree on paying the extra sum which was waay more than what they agreed on, I mean came to an agreement on a price and Marvin I think kinda got
a little carried away, here's a thing promises, agreements, and deals, they're normally not re-negotiable, and someone you're negotiating with and make a deal with are not going to want to
re-negotiate with you and pay more for something than what they agreed on, once you and the seller come to an agreement on a price, you can't just simply back out and try to raise your price,
that will cause the buyer to turn away from you and go to someone else, and that is exactly what the Docheff's did, fed up with Heemeyer constantly backing out and raising price made them
turn away from him and go to someone else and because the Docheff's were a family of corporate businessmen, the someone else they were going to turn to naturally would be the city and the
zoning commission.
with construction approved on the concrete plant it will only be a matter of weeks before Heemeyer would eventually lose access to his business, Heemeyer knew he had to do something to stop this.
he tried appealing the town's decision, putting in more $150,000 dollars towards an attorney for appeal, but despite this effort, it failed, he even tried to petition the problem to friends
and local residents hoping to draw support for his cause, but it too failed, Heemeyer was starting to get frustrated.
then he tried to be fair about this, he tried petitioning the construction of a new access road to muffler shop and he even bought his own equipment to do the job himself (including a bulldozer).
but like the previous appeals, this too also failed, rejected by the city, he now had no way to get to his property, and thus the tension kept increasing.
to add insult to injury a bone headed construction during construction struck a sewer line connected to Heemeyer's shop while digging, cutting his sewage access, but it gets worst, the city
even fined Marvin over $2,500 dollars in fines for not being hooked up to the sewer (well of course he's not hooked up to the sewer, some idiot hit his sewer line fucked it up, how do you
expect him to have sewage access?, what you expect him to take a shit over a manhole?), worst still is the city slapped with other fines such as a fine for keeping junk cars on his property
(which is part of his business), and lastly the city even approved of cutting off utilities to Heemeyer's shop to make way for the construction, at this point the situation had reached
a critical level, Heemeyer was now absolutely losing it, anger, rage, fury, the ingredients were coming together now for an explosive concoction, Heemeyer's livelihood was ruined and
pretty much his life, he had screwed not only by the Docheffs, but by also the city, now the only thing on his mind was revenge, he became delusional with thoughts and notions that God
made him for specific purpose of bringing justice to the people that wronged him, at home on his balcony one day Marvin came up with a plan, a secret project, one he would spend an entire
year on, the year now 2003, Marvin Heemeyer would begin work on a mysterious contraption in his muffler shop, he leased the building to a trash company to make money for his secret project
and eventually sold the property altogether, during that year, the company gave Marvin several months to pack up and leave, Marvin would use this time to build his secret contraption.
the bulldozer Marvin had purchased long ago now just sitting around collecting dust just so happen to fit in his shop by just inches, Marvin saw this as a sign from God, unable to sell his
shop or his bulldozer, Marvin now had both, hence his delusion of thinking that this was a sign from God that He had intended for Marvin to do something drastic (yeeeaaaaahhhh I'm pretty
sure God would never approve of something like this nor would He ever encourage such violence among human beings like this, perhaps more likely it was the work the "Devil" playing with his
mind feeding him bullshit like this), anyways getting back to the story, during the year 2003 while Heemeyer was working on his project, some of his friends would come by to visit and see
how he was doing and bizarrely enough Heemeyer would them take a look inside his shop, what do you think was going on in their minds they looked inside, hmmmm a lawnmower, engine hoist, tools,
spare car parts, a giant yellow bulldozer with a composite armor plated shell dangling over it, coffee machine, yeah not a single person that looked inside his shop noticed Marvin's secret
project at all, this further exaggerates Heemeyer's delusions thinking that God clouded their judgement when they looked inside, so what does that him?, well, perhaps one of his tape recordings
could sum up the answer to that question.
observe: "I hope that the people of Grandby learned that they way you punished me over the years I was down there and how you punished me, for the most part turned me into a desperate man
and desperate men do desperate things to recover a lot of times".
finally, after a year and a half of work, his secret project was complete and ready to go by mid 2004, during that time he isolated himself and bruited on his misfortunes and how to get back
at the people that wronged him, he even recording his hatred on tape which I cannot find except in a documentary which I'll mentioned later at the end of this review.
and then on June 4th, 2004, Heemeyer climbs into homebuilt contraption and lowers the armored shell, once encased, he's not able to come back out again, and then, CRASH!, he goes crashing
through the front wall of his shop and thus his creation is uncaged, an armored Komatsu D355 bulldozer complete with three gun ports each holding a rifle, his target obviously was the
concrete plant and he quickly demolishes it, right away 911 calls are flooding in calling about a rampaging bulldozer destroying the concrete plant, the bulldozer then treks it's way onto
the highway, at this point, the police were already high speed pursuit (between 10 to 20 miles per hour to be exact) and were firing multiple shots at the bulldozer, but because of the
armor plating, it was rather useless, his next target was the Mountain Park Electric company, Heemeyer smashes in the front of the building completely destroying it, next stop?, Maple Street
builders, this rather weak building though stood no chance against the Heemeyer's bulldozer and he easily smashes through it, meanwhile more 911 calls kept coming in and more police officers
for backup including a swat team, but their efforts were still fruitless and police wouldn't have a hard time locating him either, not only because it was a big grey and yellow behemoth on
caterpillar treads, but also he was heading straight for the police station which was his next target.
within minutes not only did he destroy the police station and their cars, but he also destroyed town hall as well which was close by, fortunately nobody was hurt or killed, next on his hit
list was Liberty Bank, after he smashed the bank, he then proceeded on to Sky High news and smashed their building, by now residents had been evacuated and police and swat tried making every
effort they could to stop bulldozer, the mayor at first calling in the National Guard to send a gunship (an attack helicopter) to fire missiles at the tank, but that idea quickly dropped
considered the scale of destruction it would on the town (basically it would've practically leveled the whole community), then police noticed two cameras on the bulldozer and immediately
assumed that was he's able to see where he's going, so they tried shooting at them, buuuut Heemeyer had them encased 3 inch Bullitt proof plastic, next one officer proceeded to try to drop
a flashbang down the exhaust stack to cripple the engine, but that idea didn't work either and all it pretty much did was blind the officer and likely ringing in his ears.
during his rampage for couple of times, he fired rounds at police and swat but fortunately not a single hit any of them, Heemeyer than took a detour down a dirt a road heading towards a
propane station where he attempted to shoot a pile of propane tanks, this was now really serious situation because atop a hill stationary to the propane was a small residential
community home to senior citizen retirees and a trailer park, if Heemeyer hits a shot at the tanks it could set that community ablaze, but thankfully Heemeyer made a serious flaw in his
design, the gun port at the back of the bulldozer was too small and therefore not very maneuverable, so he wasn't able to aim at the tanks instead he was hitting his own armor,
he eventually gave up and went on his way, up the road at the of the hill, a construction operator decided to take matters in his own hands and attempts to stop Heemeyer with a belly scraper
(this is a belly scraper
he drove the belly scraper up the intersection blocking the road to try stop the bulldozer, but it fails, Heemeyer easily pushes it out of his way, next target on his list was now the
Copycat Printing Company (his reasons for targeting them was because they ridiculed him numerous times in the past), but during his destruction of the printing building his bulldozer started
to smoke, his engine was starting to break down on him and his antifreeze lines blew causing his radiator to steam up, but regardless Heemeyer pushed on.
he then proceeded to destroy the next building next door, Gamble's Appliances, but as he started to destroy that building, the driver of the belly scraper sees an opportunity to trap him in,
Heemeyer drove into a narrow alley, the scraper pulls up behind him, trapping him in, with nowhere else to go but in one direction, Heemeyer pushes his armored bulldozer to the limit,
but little did he realized that towards the back of the building was a basement, so when he drover it, his right caterpillar falls through basement door effectively trapping the bulldozer,
he tries desperately to free it but to no avail, the ride now over for him.
police and swat slowly moved in, but then, BANG!, Marvin Heemeyer pulled out a pistol and took his own life, the whole ordeal was now over, a work crew was sent in to try to break into the
bulldozer, the shell was so well engineered that they couldn't get in at all, but then they spotted welded seems on the side of the shell shaped like a door, so they managed to cut through
that and finally get inside, once inside they found the following, three monitors to help him see where he's going, compressed air tanks hooked up to lines to blow dust and debris off the
front mounted cameras, a fan and air conditioning unit to help keep him cool during the ride, and a small assortment of weapons and ammunition which composed of a pistol, a Ruger
Mini 14, an FNFNC, and a Barretta 82, and slumped over the controls in the driver's seat was a Heemeyer himself.
and...that's about it, that's the end of the story, but needless to say while what he did was awful and thankfully not a single soul was hurt or killed, the whole thing was mostly caused by
the city of Grandby and some of it's residents, they screwed the poor man, his life and his lively hood by the early 2000's got really fucked up, and all the pressure from it was just too
much for him to bare, people to this day are pretty divided about whether or not Marvin was a hero, some see him as a destructive psychopath who went on a pointless rampage for nothing while
others see him as an American hero, sticking it up the local Bureaucrats and government officials and fighting for his rights and his property, regardless I'll always remember him as a man
I never heard of or knew existed who went on a rampage to let off some steam and have his revenge, oh yes not gonna lie though?, I did like the name the media came up with for the armored
bulldozer, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, it's in the title after all,
so what happened with the bulldozer afterwards, at first some of the residents wanted to keep it as a monument to their town, why?, because ironically while Heemeyer caused about $7,000,000
dollars in damage to the town, it actually inadvertently made the town more money than the destructive price tag, but the said no on that idea so instead, they sent it off to a junkyard,
there it was cut up into mulitple large pieces, and then those pieces were distributed among various other junkyards to prevent souvenir hunters from taking any souvenirs from it, RIP,
even though today there are custom made scale replicas which you can online in stores such as Etsy as well as other custom made Killdozer themed souvenirs.
and as for Heemeyer, friends and family of Marvin had his body cremated and his ashes put in a jar, they snowmobiled their way up to their favorite that they used to frequent for snowmobiling
and sprinkled his ashes amongst the Rocky Mountains, news coverage of the killdozer rampage went on for several days after, but then in that same year of 2004?, President Ronald Raegan died,
and the media stopped all coverage on Marvin Heemeyer and the Killdozer and the story was pretty much forgotten.
well that's the review, so uhh, i'll leave it off like this, plus here's some Killdozer themed music videos done by some various bands, oh and here's that killdozer documentary I mentioned
earlier, don't want to forget to leave that up there, and I'll see you later.

tread documentary

killdozer themed music videos:

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