Nykalia Jumpsuit and Tail by ShagpokeStudios

Nykalia Jumpsuit and Tail


13 May 2016 at 17:39:38 MDT

Someone just reminded me that I never posted pictures of this!

This is actually for me... my very first furry costume x3 I wanted something cute and comfy to wear at conventions, so I made this for RF. I'll be wearing it a lot at Vancoufur this year, so if you see this, it's me!

The whole thing is made of sweatshirt fleece, like what a hoodie is made out of. I chose this over regular fleece because it doesn't pill up and I find it just as warm and cozy inside but more breathable. All of the rosettes as well as the face are appliqued/machine embroidered on. I don't have an embroidery machine though, so it's all hand done/non computerized. It has nice deep pockets, and the tail is removable. The tail hole is hidden under a rosette so you can't see it when the tail isn't on. I made a little hand loop for the tail as well so I could carry it off the ground when I was outside or in busy areas.

This character of mine is like 11 years old, haha. Because sneps are best. Until you have to sew sneps and you realize how many spots there are any you deeply regret your decision.

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