Javarah ! by ShaDoW_WolF_Fur

Javarah !


28 December 2016 at 05:59:00 MST

So ! This is my new character, Javarah ! She is a Snow Divenka She have Horse, Doe and Canine characteristics and she lives in Snowy Environments ! She is very shy but also gentle and nice with others. She is a very good huntress.

Christmas gift I had from my shalinka ! I just love the result, this is just stunning ! She helped me a lot designing her, we spent a lot of time doing that together and it was so cool ! She did an amazing work on that character ! She is a real cutie ! ^.^ I can't wait to take more art from her !

Adult Version here :

Art © shalinka You did an amazing work hun <3 You are so talented ^.^

Character © shadow_wolf_fur

Divenkas Specie © shalinka