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Lets meet at that place again by Shadowwolfcat

Lets meet at that place again


First artwork finished during summer vacation. It took me a whole day to finish it. It features my four characters: Kage, the girl with the hood, Circus, the boy next to her, Zeru, the one in the top right corner, and Alvin, the one in the bottom left corner. The story behind this picture is way too long, but here's a short description of what this scene is about:

The one who Zeru met was Kage and the one who Alvin met was Circus. Each pair chatted on the exact same rooftop at different times and gradually became friends. The thing is, Zeru and Alvin were friends, yet had a quarrel and became bitter enemies, while Circus and Kage are friends who separated due to death (not saying whose though). Life was bitter-sweet for each of them and one day Kage disappeared, leaving Zeru, who had suffered betrayal by his ex-friends and the loss of other people he treasured, pretty much broken. Alvin, on the other hand, who had only Circus for a friend, became an absolute shut-in after Circus 'mysteriously disappeared'. Both abandoned guys went to the rooftop and met with each other and remembered the two close friends they had. Afterwards they get over their differences and stop being enemies.

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