How is can Waffles? by Shadowhisperer

How is can Waffles?


19 February 2015 at 20:35:01 MST

Here we have the dashing Cynrik being startled by my character. Possibly even more intimidated by this encounter is Ghyst, who in his hap-hazardous attempts to appear less threatening (he is mute), tries to mine out an inquiry as to the ingredients needed to make waffles.

In all seriousness I wonder how this encounter would play out in the end.

Some background: I originally wanted to get this done as a gift to Patrick Reichel for his birthday but I had not the time to put any serious effort into it with my erratic schedule in December and January so I waited until I could paint the picture I really wanted to and this February everything evened out and through a series of long sessions was able to finish this. More than once it felt like I was doing a horrible job but I just kept blending and blending and eventually it started to look halfway decent. In the end I am happy with the results and hope Patrick enjoys it as much as I do! The one thing I do not really like is Cynrik's bracelet but I had to call it quits sooner or later otherwise I would have never of finished.

Thankyou for being such an inspiration over my development!

Reptile Cynrik is © to Patrick Reichel
Ghyst and Plastics are © To Gage B.
Painting are © To Gage B.

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