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Ready to stomp, never getting stopped~ by Shadowcloud

Ready to stomp, never getting stopped~


After seeing those nice movie posters based on that one of Godzilla 1998 by FurryPur FurryPur, I was always thinking of getting one of these.
Then even Shador ( and Sekkral ( convinced me to get one, there was no denying it anymore, I had to get one! And it turned out to be great!

Made by FurryPur (
Shadowcloud © by me
Image based on this one:

Fitting movie quotes:

[Referring to the tunnels under the city made by Zilla...]
"Fill them with cement, brick them up, put land mines in them, bombs, I don't know, just make sure that goddamn thing doesn't leave the island!" ~Major Hicks, Godzilla 1998

"It's gonna send us back to the stone age, you have no idea what's coming." ~Joe Brody, Godzilla 2014