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Spots and Stripes by ShadowCheetah

Spots and Stripes


Every day after work I come home late in the afternoon and doodle in my sketchbook while chatting with Elaki. As both of us are felines, we naturally have similar opinions on the best spots to talk - namely, anywhere you can catch the last rays of the setting sun. I find chatting with him after a long day's work to be really relaxing and something I've come to look forward to every day, so at one point, a similar doodle to this ended up in my sketchbook. I liked it enough to try to rework it into a more complete version.

Despite the initial inspiration, this ended up taking like a week to do, largely because I was really struggling with anatomy and the poses. Also, my glasses broke today so I had to finish most of this with my glasses literally falling apart every 30 seconds or so. Thankfully, my moldable eraser came to the rescue holding my glasses together for the last bit so I could finish. :P

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