S.Fennec Badge - MFF2012/FCN2013 by S.Fennec

S.Fennec Badge - MFF2012/FCN2013


5 February 2014 at 10:58:35 MST

This is a badge I made for myself, technically I made it for MFF 2012 but then I forgot to print and laminate it... So, I got to stop by FCN on Sunday and I decided to print it for that! ^..> So... yeah!

S.Fennec is mine.

She is also known as: ShadowFennec, SenkaFennec (or just Senka), and Palm Top Fennec

SFennec and artwork © s.fennec


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    Your fursona is wonderful ^^

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      Thanks so much! :3

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        Aww adorable ^^