Slimy yet Satisfying by Sesameseedbuns

Slimy yet Satisfying


11 February 2016 at 13:13:51 MST

I still can't draw humanoid faces to save my life, but I figured I wouldn't get any better if I never make an attempt. orz

Anyway this is Alron! He's my second dragon-taur bab that I adopted from cannibalharpy !

He a very lazy, smug and gross trash man that will devour everything in sight and tends to swallow worms and such whole because he knows it creeps people right the heck out. He needs to be slam dunked right into a garbage can. (I still love him though)

Despite his personality, he's actually a somewhat high ranking professor at the same magic institute James studies at. He specializes in Alteration magic, Potions, and all that related junk. Pretty much everyone at the institute knows to never accept food or drinks from him. Mostly because he loves playing petty pranks like spiking things with potions that have a variety of weird affects. Though it's also because his diet consists almost exclusively of live insects and other small creatures.

More on him lateeer.

(Also I've decided to submit more sketchy things since it would allow me to draw my babs more frequently. I apologize to everyone's eyes.)

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