Dum-Dum production by Sephra

Dum-Dum production


1 January 2016 at 17:52:04 MST


Thought I'd draw myself a Kobold, coz I've always liked the more spiky doggish style of them you get in D&D and such; he's a small fella, for anyone who's interested in scale that's a .38 Special he's loading there; doubt I really got the scale as right as I want but yeah, Kobold sized!

And his name isn't Dum-Dum, it's Cobalt (lol); for those not versed in what the hell I'm talking about a Dum-Dum bullet is a colloquial term for a hollow-point bullet, which is designed to expand on impact for greater nastiness and stopping power.

As you can imagine they're outlawed for non-police personnel now and were even banned from warfare in the early 1900s because, you know, ouch, but the same effect can be achieved (I think!) by taking an ordinary bullet and carving up the tip of it with a knife to make it tumble through the air as it flies rather than spin like the rifling wants it to. For the kind of Kobold who prefers stopping power over accuracy!

Anyway, enough boring rambling, I'm British anyway so half of that is probably completely off xD

More of him incoming soon!

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