Chandler x Don: Kiss by Selkies-Song

Chandler x Don: Kiss


20 April 2015 at 06:31:38 MDT

EDIT: tweeked this a bit with artrage; took away their pointed ears because I don't think either of them were Hylian in the first place, and they were sooooo pale I tried to fix that too.

Someday I will likely redraw completely because I need more chandon fluff in my life

2 1/2 hours on Nintendo 3DS Colors! live
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Characters belong to me and my bestie

These two have accidentally become one of my favorite pairings in a LOOOOOONG rp my friend and I have been going at for over a decade, now. Chandler, the brunette on the right, is an older character of mine who started off as just a generic bully, and over the course of time his character really flushed itself out and flourished. Don kind of turned his entire world upside down and the two of them are just so freaking adorable I've been doing quite a bit of doodling of the two of them lately.

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    Hooooly shit, a //decade//?!?!?!? O_o

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      Yeah lol; it started out as notes we'd pass back and forth in class during middle/high school. We moved it to avidgamers(?) towards the end of high school, then just as avidgamers started to crap out we moved to proboards. It's based in the Legend of Zelda universe and started generic post-Ocarina with a lot of the Canon characters and some OCs sprinkled in, and now we're about 20+ storyline years beyond that with only Link left as far as non-OCs go (and his days are numbered o_o)

      We each have probably over a dozen different characters spread through three generations ^_^;;;

      But yeah, even I can hardly believe how long we've been at it sometimes xD