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Twins Quicksheet by SelectPlayer

Twins Quicksheet


27 May 2016 at 17:07:06 MDT

So here they are my mate Artowl took her old fursona and split it into two characters who each house half the personality of the original one. I'm sure she'll go into far more detail then I can about them over time when she posts more art of them. Here I just call them Players 1 and 3 with my feline Oreo being player 2 right smack in the middle of them! X3
P.S. These are what we're calling QuickSheets by the way. We usually can sketch and color these in the same day and they give people the general idea of your character! :3

Snmowy and Blizzard Wintermint © Artowl
Lineart by me
Digital Coloring by  Artowl