TDTxTSGO: Slugger Slackers - Photo Shoot by SedrikMutt

TDTxTSGO: Slugger Slackers - Photo Shoot


4 December 2015 at 19:24:17 MST

Here it is. The promo pic of the first major crossover! From KGC Comics, comes The Dynamite Twins and Friends by yours truly, crossing over with Wiley Koyote's The Show Goes On in a high-flying strikeout event - Slugger Slackers!

The team will be assembled, and they'll head to the Oakland Coliseum to face off against a bunch of jacked-up bullies! There'll be tons of hilarity, and a lot of sympathy, and one helluva good time! (Oh...I have to think about Ritchie saying "language" in my head...)