Victor Pierre Adolphe by SedrikMutt

Victor Pierre Adolphe


1 July 2015 at 14:56:23 MDT

So, here's a character that my friend Antwan (JirouTheFolf on DA) and I created (I also revised the backstory).

Victor is a Rough Collie, born in Paris, France. His mother came from a wealthy family of distillers - they made some of the finest wines. ;) He and his mother moved out to America, where she further cemented her modeling career.

As he's struggling to fit in, he's also trying to search for his father, who was stationed there before Vic was born.

Along the way, he met a girl whom he thought "completed him". Once she found out he was rich, though, she began taking advantage of him, spending most of his money. To make things worse, she embarrassed him on facebook, talking about how she lost her virginity to a rich boy. After being humiliated and beaten up, he had to put an end to it, by dumping her on the spot.

His mother had a neighbor who was a professor from a prestigious school. Vic asked him if he can be homeschooled. Thinking about how he went through the same situation, the professor agrees.

To earn some money back, he even took up modeling, just like his mother. But, he also had a thing for baking pies and cakes. ;) Despite his missteps over the years, he always tries to get back on his feet.

He has an older brother, Emmanuel, a kickboxer. He currently lives in Critterton, working at a bakery.

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