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Race Size Reference Sheet by se05239

Race Size Reference Sheet


There's a big version to view over on DeviantART →
Now this is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Even if it doesn't include all the races I've ever thought up, these could be considered.. the "big" ones?

Human - Baseline boring human. You all should know this one. Tend to be arrogant and greedy, but with that comes ambition and inventive.
Tigren - Anthropomorphic felines. Best known for the good-hearted, gregarious nature. Their tails are about 1½-2x the length of themselves. Females lack the manes, and don't have any fur patterns. They like living simple.
Khurn - A race of previously darkness dwelling creatures. They've amazing hearing and eyesight adapted to low-light environments. They're known to think highly of themselves, favoring keeping emotions to themselves and telling the truth at all cost. There's little difference between genders, apart from males having more pronounced canines and thicker musculature. Strict carnivore diet.
Jhecki - Cheetah-esque taurs. They're similar to Tigren, in that they're naturally good-hearted and social. There's little difference between genders, apart from musculature. Their pattern tend to differ between individuals in something dubbed "intensity", which is how solid their pattern is. An extreme intensity pattern would be a solid black fur pattern, with a white stomach.
Chimera - An artificial race of massive creatures. They were created to serve their masters, who uploaded themselves into a massive virtual realm. Apart from things like maintenance, they also seek to "upload" other living creatures into this virtual realm for safekeeping. Chimeras are pacifists and highly social. This particular one is C4L13.
Aranya - Anthropomorphic spiders. Males outnumbers females by a good 20-1. Males are social, energic and quick to bond with others. Females are colder, more intelligent and calculating, avoiding other races. They also live about 2½ times as long as males. There's a big psychological change in a male chosen as a mate by a female, as they become docile and submissive.
Skraeling - Descendants from demons. They've a lot of unnatural features to them. The most outstanding ones are the set of five long prehensile tongues. Although not naturally evil, they've a tendency to put others on edge, even scare animals. Their life revolves around food, which they feast on once per month.