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Varianne the Witch by ScruffyBrush

Varianne the Witch


It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

One of my favourite OC who came to be in a random thread I took too seriously and then took over my life.
Basically some rando posted "Teleports you to a random dungeon" Someone responded with Zork style prompt to that and I took over as GM into what was a half baked improvised point and click style puzzle text adventure

But then they stopped responding and months later I was like fuck it i want to host something like this again. Then accidentally took on 11ish players and it was a big mistake.
I revived that campaign one 3rd final time and almost completed 4 threads but only 1 to final final completion.
First "DND" campaign I truly consider complete and gdi I'm happy I managed. Grew close friends with repeat players woo

Varianne was only in the first campaign. Want to reuse her into a proper project again someday.
Her short description I planned to eventually unveil would be : Introverted alchemist who was too popular for her own good decide to disguise as a witch to be left the fuck alone (It worked too good and now regrets)

Drew a sketch I forgot to complete for years and eventually redrew over
Mostly happy with it but peeps think the wand is a knife often lol

As for the drawing, holds up ok imho, still super happy with her clothes design and color scheme anyway

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