glitter overload purple baby dragon by scriber

glitter overload purple baby dragon


3 February 2017 at 17:48:42 MST

Same glitter purple as the manatee. I really love it, tbh.

Lil' baby dragon charm, could be used as a zipper pull, phone dangle, keyring or whatever!

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    The photo came out real well. One can see the sparkly bits you referred to in prior submissions.

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      I used a better camera for this one, I imagine that helped! I was using my friends' lightbox (or... whatever the proper term is) and they offered the use of their nice camera. While I do remain impressed with how far the cameras on phones have come they really can't hold a candle to an actually decent dedicated camera (particularly for anything small - friend got this camera to photograph bugs so it's good for "small", haha)

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        I believe lightbox is the proper term. A moderately sized box meant to diffuse bright lights so you can photograph items without glare reflecting off of it. I thought about building one of my own.

        Yeah, a real camera is often better for photographing the very small, they have the greater functionality to change focus and field of depth.

        Though there is a lot you can do with cameras. I was able to use my ipad at work to take photos of AC Adapters and then "zoom" to be able to read the near-microscopic text they printed on them.