ottery ot ot ot etc by scriber

ottery ot ot ot etc


18 May 2016 at 17:45:46 MDT

acrylics on canvas

water noodle doof

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    An otts otting

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      an ottery ott otting ought to not
      but one forgot that to stop an ottery ott ott
      is by nature for naught

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        That sounds like it was composed by a bott, but was nott. Twas wrott by a deer that is hott who put thott into a plott and gott what he sott, a verse that tott us a lott about the ott.

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          I wish I could favorite comments, this made me smile for reals. FUR REALZ.

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            I'm glad I was able to bring a modicum of joy into your life.
            If you enjoyed it to the extent you wish Weasyl had an extra feature to express your enjoyment, you could take a screenshot and tweet it.
            Or you could print out the webpage on nice cardstock, take it to a craft/frame store and have it tastefully mounted on a lovely frame with a nice walnut finish.
            Or take up needlepoint, sew the comment into a quilt, and wrap yourself with it each night as you go to sleep.

            Just some ideas, cause like Ratbert, I'm more of an idea rat.
            And I ramble on when I've had a lot of caffeine.