Nico the Shaymin by screamoshaymin (critique requested)

Nico the Shaymin (critique requested)


23 February 2018 at 13:00:26 MST

Nico / Shaymin / Male
Age Range: 19-20 [human] years
Height: 1.5 feet | .45 meters [sky forme]
10 inches | 25.5 cm [land forme]
Weight: 13 lbs | 5.9 kilograms [sky forme]
6 lbs | 2.7 kilograms [land forme]

generally adaptable to any type of situation, with outside stimuli such as scents, sounds, and temperature affecting how he behaves. More comfortable around moderately quiet areas with sweet scents and consistent temperature, such as gardens or cafes. Grows anxious and impulsive around loud, warm areas; becomes lethargic and somewhat moody in cold, damp, and musty areas. Generally quiet and speaks when spoken to.
the second of 4 siblings. Born on the snowy mountains of Sinnoh and migrated at 16 [human] years. He flew until he found Castelia City in the Unova Region, where he now lives across several repurposed wooden crates, most of which are close by bakeries and candy shops that sell marshmallows. He likes to sleep close to punk-rock and heavy metal venues whenever they become active, sometimes gathering band merch strewn about or forgotten by the guests after the concerts end. On certain occasions, attendees to concerts will buy him something small, depending on their familiarity.

Side Points:

his favorite foodstuffs are sweet pastries, specifically ones made with marshmallows. His beverage of choice is root beer.
he has the ability to fly like any other ‘Min, and greatly prefers his Sky Forme body.
he’s technically a “trained” Pokemon. Shortly after migrating, he allowed a friendly trainer to use a Poke Ball on him in order to prevent any other trainers from catching him in the future. They still hang out together occasionally.
aside from the previously mentioned point, his existence isn’t really contested or treated as special, since he’s not necessarily shy about being spotted and hasn’t been known to cause problems.

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