Mandrigili Question #32 by Scorpio-Gustavo

Mandrigili Question #32


9 June 2017 at 21:06:47 MDT

Every technology is fueled by magic, alchemy, etc. The concept of “light and plasma” or the similarites, are either rumored new discoveries or made up from fictional entertainment such as books.

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asker: Dappermudkip


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    I'm surprised so few people consider titanium as a valid weapon material.

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        Titanium is as light as aluminum and several times stronger than steel, hence why it's used to make fighter jets, tanks and even part of the Juno spacecraft in order to protect it's innards from the intense Jovian magnetic radiation belts. I'd imagine if crafted right it could also make excellent armor and weaponry, like a sword that's light and strong enough to be swung around easily by someone without even that much upper body strength. It could also potentially make for excellent chainmail, allowing for increased mobility and a tensile strength that might even rival Kevlar.

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          cool. idunno, im still experiment, im trying not to go too far ahead