~ Dat Rudeboi Junglist 2015 ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

~ Dat Rudeboi Junglist 2015 ~


7 January 2015 at 13:07:07 MST


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First art of 2015! ;P Thought I would redraw this http://fav.me/d4j13ne from back 2012 (since I always liked that picture despite it aging badly) =w= soo yee look guys a MALE! iv'e always liked Spliff a lot! He always looks so devious :3 anyway as you can see when compared to the old pic his design has been vastly updated! ditched those generic converse for a pair of rad Nike kicks! Also thought id'e stick with the trackies I gave him recently ;P

Tee shirts coming soon :3

comments, faves and crits are very much appreciated! Thankyou!