~ Jamming in the den ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

~ Jamming in the den ~


22 November 2014 at 15:21:00 MST


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Luna jamming with Spliff in his den. He kindly used the last of his weed money to buy her pizza because he is a cool dude bro. Also some serious Crash Team Racing going down.

Cuties <3

This one took an eternity.. mainly because of laziness, but also because I just had loads of trouble with it.. Was going for a scene of some sort I guess.. It has been a while since I tried a more detailed background and I felt the amount of sheer detail was rich and interesting but then next moment I thought it looked a bit too cluttered.. I also must have spent a couple of hours alone just deciding which overlays to have have and fiddling around with colours... Overall it certainly doesn't feel subtle in the slightest.. but that's okay I guess since it still grabs your attention when looking at it =w='' (to me anyway)

Also yeah Luna's fringe and tit tat are on the wrong side.. This image was originally drawn reversed but somehow I think the composition looks way better this way.. =w=''' It's just a one off pic so consistency with my OC's doesn't bother me too much.. If it was my comic I would pay close attention to that sort of thing though

comments, faves and crits are very much appreciated! Thankyou!


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    Do you find you have trouble getting rid of the 'mill marks,' those unused lines that you couldn't completely erase? Using the Levels filter in Photoshop I can get rind of most of mine. I see you leave them in. Do you give that sort of thing any treatment to clean or help it look more like it belongs in the illustration?

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      I like to leave them in. I can't stand my art looking too clean xD