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Her Cold Cold Heart by ScaredStoked

Her Cold Cold Heart


I had to post the censored version since Weasyl won't let me set anything above general. The original is up on my FurAffinity and Pixiv. Anyways, this was a fun thing I did just to mess around with layouts and composition. It's inspired both by the song Her Cold Cold Heart by Night Beats and their album cover for it from its single release. The outfit took inspiration from the Orwell's music video for the song Dirty Sheets. (Go check both of those songs out, they're really good!) I don't love the composition of this and the empty spot under her legs and above the title bothers me. I also forgot to put my signature, which I only realized after I compressed all the layers into a PNG and JPEG. Of course. Other than that, though, this was really fun to work on! I like being limited with a color pallet like this, really similarly to my Velvet Itch piece. Maybe I should do more like this in the future! What do you think?

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