Meridian Cover by Scappo

Meridian Cover


21 August 2015 at 11:12:55 MDT

Here's the current cover image for my Patreon! Patrons will receive hi-rez desktop versions in this week's pack, as well as the next two pages of "Meridian"! Now, for those of you who don't like to read journal posts, I have some Decisions, explanations, and the Patreon Poll Results for you :).

I'm gonna try and chop this journal into chunks to make it easily digestible. First, DECISIONS:

  1. As of the 1st of September, I will no longer be working with Sexyfur or This isn't a decision I came to out of the blue as much as it's the end result of a changing market and customer tastes. I couldn't be more proud to have worked with all of the artists I've worked with over the years on Sexyfur and Tailheat. I wish them all the best as they move onward.

  2. As long as my Patreon is doing well enough to support me, I will no longer involve myself with paysites, new, or old. It's time I chart my own course. I can only hope that, with hard work and your continued support, intrepid reader, I'll be able to continue slinging pixels, doing what I love for a living and having fun while doing it.”

  3. Due to the first item on this list, Dawn will not be a part of the Waystone universe. The last thing I need is a messy entanglement with other people's characters in this world I'm trying to build. I may consider (very) limited cameos in the future, but they will be few.

  4. Kodi will be retired as a character, since his main connection was to Dawn.

  5. Starting on Saturday, I will only post previews and maybe the occasional sketch in my Patreon feed. As usual, successfully charged patrons will receive their content in weekly packs distributed via PM and Dropbox.

Now that my entire living is based on Patreon, I can't afford to have people jumping in, getting the stuff out of the feed and jumping out again. Pirate if you must, but don't sign up for my Patreon, inflating the number on the front artificially, if you don't intend to stick around to be billed. It isn't fair and makes people think I make far more than I actually do. Speaking of Patreon, let's talk about:

POLL RESULTS: According to your responses, I'm gonna try and incorporate the following changes:

  1. Instead of random pinups, I'll make an effort to do more image sets focused on specific characters when I have the time between commissions and personal/ fanart stuff.

  2. I got some really great suggestions for fetishes to explore! The ones that stood out to me were:
    a. MILF
    b. Denial/ Edging
    c. Sizeplay
    d. Feet
    e. Spanking/humiliation
    f. Blindfolding/bondage

  3. Upcoming projects will be listed on the front of the Patreon.

  4. Yes, there will be more G-rated bits between the stories, starting after Meridian.

  5. I'm gonna be reorganizing my store to make it more friendly to folks who want to “catch up”

  6. Lastly, the results of the poll for the next comic!
    a. “Skin Deep” Won with 23 votes
    b. “Double Jepoardy” came second by just 1 vote at 22 (it was neck and neck there for a bit!)
    c. “Out of Touch” trailed behind at 9 votes.

Since Double Jepoardy came so close behind Skin Deep, I'll do that comic right after Skin Deep is done, which works out nicely because I think I can make them flow into one another nicely :).

Finally, some EXPLANATIONS about “A Long Way Down”.

A lot of you have (repeatedly) let me know via emails, private messages and even in the comments section of both the Furaffinity and E621 posts that you don't like the latter content of ALWD.
To be perfectly honest, neither do I. Originally, I intended to use Mara and Dawn in the Waystone Universe. Dawn was my way of staying connected to Sexyfur (won't need that anymore) and Mara was my way of paying her owner back for a huge favor he did for me a while ago.

Fibh is mine, thankfully :). We'll see him again most definitely.

As I worked on the latter portion of the comic, I realized that I was working on stuff that I really wasn't into, and incorporating fetishes that were unrepresentative of what I liked into Waystone. All the while I was damaging my reputation and regretting the decision I made so long ago to use two characters that weren't even mine.

As the comic draws to a close, it brings and end to 2.5 years of effort which started as a project, but ended as my first successful long-term project on Patreon. Without my incredibly generous Prefects, Waykeepers and Citizens, the completion of this comic would have been impossible and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

However, I find myself in a position where if I want to maintain my vision of Waystone, I have to exclude A Long Way Down from the universe entirely.
This was a hard decision. It'll set back the launch of the first book by at least a year, and it sends 41 pages of Waystone content into the ether. But it's my own fault. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

I will post the remainder of “A Long Way Down” before August's end, and starting in September I'll begin posting “Pride in your Work”, another comic made possible by my wonderful Patrons, and one which I'm happy to label a part of the “Waystone” universe.

Thank you all so much for hanging in there with me, and I hope to continue making stuff that both you and I can enjoy ;)!

And remember, sanity is only a rumor.

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    What is the purple creature?

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    Love the jackal creature ^-^

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    I have a question! What is the Waystone universe?

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      I...don't understand what you're asking. It's the universe in which all these stories take place? I guess ^_^;;?

      • Link

        Perhaps it might be better to ask what genre it's supposed to be. I've seen steampunk elements, sci-fi elements, and supernatural elements.

        Also, is there a way to pay for these comics outside of Patreon?

        • Link

          I try to avoid nailing the theme to one genre because it's not only super limiting, but can get pretty boring after awhile. I think the best way to describe it would be "Fantasy", and leave it at that ;).

          I'll soon have a proper store available for people who don't wanna sign up for my Patreon :)...stay tuned!

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            Limitations can also be the cause of creative inspiration. Besides, it's not like you couldn't necessarily base it in one genre with elements from others. It does seem like this could be a multi-genre universe, though, and since I don't quite have any conception of timeline, could take place at various points along it. I'm just curious, is all, because I do enjoy the variety of stories you're telling though don't necessarily see a through line beyond your say. But then, perhaps I either haven't been looking hard enough, or it hasn't quite materialized yet.

            I look forward to the store!