Inked Bird ref sheet by Scale

Inked Bird ref sheet


19 December 2013 at 17:02:18 MST

Commission 1 of 2 for JAWolf of his unique hybrid character. Complicated to draw but very interesting! Also I must say JAWolf is a real pleasure to work with. :-3

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Visual / Traditional


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    Thank you once again for this, would you be able to "share" this with me, - so I can link to this version for my character ref <3

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      Done, I think (I've never used collections before).
      BTW the package is being shipped tomorrow morning (monday), let me know when it arrives. :-)

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        I've been meaning to respond to this (many times... shesh I'm hopeless). I'll give you a yell when I receive it.<3 thanks once again for such a beautiful set of references!

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          Thank you. ^_^ It will take a while for the package to arrive because the Italian central post office had me fill some stupid new form for artwork expeditions, so the package has just left Italy a few days ago. I hope there won't be any delivery problems or customs tolls on your part. In the future I'm going to use UPS for everything. Ordinary mail spares a few euros but it's not worth going through all the dumb bureaucractic stuff.

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    Having received the paintings in the mail- all I can say is there is nothing like seeing your work in real life. It astounds me both the vibrancy of colour, and the wonder expressions an form.

    I cannot thank you enough!