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Who Hunts the Hunters?... by SavagingDragon

Who Hunts the Hunters?...


Another stream and backlog/buffer image! Under 3 hours start to finish.

So, what happens when 2 certain large blue (Not always able to fly) Reptiles are spotted in the wilderness?...
Well, I guess the best notion is to run up to them an- geat eaten by the wyvern?... Cmon hunters. You're supposed to be better than that. Napther didnt even get a bite, nor did either take a hit!

...Also looks like the Steeds are missing, or   amnesiaaisenma scooped himself a very, very large hunting party.
Eitherway, Napther is bewildered at how fast it all occured, and that the blue Ratholos is unneffected belching up a sword made from his own brethren... Perhaps he's gotten resistant to its edge after eating a number of other Rath?