DTA Mantibab Entry by Satinka

DTA Mantibab Entry


11 September 2014 at 13:14:31 MDT

My Entry for the DTA from PhloxeButt

This Contest and this Girl are very special to me. Because, drawing always scares me a lot. Thats why I dont upload more here and why Im mostly not able to finish any Stuff. Often I totally want to draw but I just cant. Even to grab a Pen scares me to much. I dont know why, maybe because I fear to be disappointed by myself or something. But I saw this Mantibab, for me shes a girl, grabbed a Pen and Paper and just started off. Usually it takes me many hours to finish such a piece. But this one took me just around three hours or so. For comparison, my Icecream Devil took me about 9 hours.
My hands were shaking all the time while drawing and my stomach felt horrible. But there was this happiness while drawing and I just couldnt stop until it was finished. As I saw this Bab I felt a big happiness inside of me and I wanted to bring this out on paper. I think I did a great job on this. Thats why the pose looks a bit ugly. This girl represents pure joy and freakishness to me and even now I have to grin when I look at her. While drawing the name Lumina Sunshine plopped up in my head and thats her name now. I really hope to win this Bab because she has a big meaning to me. She made me draw, finish a piece, have joy while doing it and even love the finished piece. Something that I not felt anymore in ages. So thank you to this cute Mantibab and PhloxeButt.

Art by me
Mantibabs are a closed Species by PhloxeButt

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