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the long itch by Sarrukh (critique requested)

the long itch (critique requested)


6 August 2014 at 07:24:04 MDT

pastel chalks, color study

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    looks well done to me (not that I can draw human anatomy to save my life)...... Loving the sickly green shade in the shadows of the hands, almost looks diseased, but in a fascinating way!

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      Ahh, thank you! I'm glad I could impart that kind of association.

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      Also sorry for a late reply.

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    It looks like a photo! :o The green tone stands out to me too, although I feel like some tiny, sparing darker bits right where the shadows go deepest would help the dimension pop.. if not that, then maybe bringing the lighter colors a touch closer in?? that's my tidbit of critique, hehe. it's hard to imagine changing it though, it already looks amazing. :3

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      Thank you so much! Honest critique takes quite a bit of effort and is not easy to come by c: And yes, you are absolutely right. It was part my lacking selection of chalks, and part my poor planning, that had it end up this way.

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        No problemo, hehe. I totally understand if you had limited stuff to work with, and that makes what you achieved even greater. I love that kind of stuff--working with limitations and seeing how far one can go.

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    Hands are SO hard (for me and many others), these look very good! Well observed and well rendered.