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Sapphirus +Reference 2015+ by Sapphirus

Sapphirus +Reference 2015+


A Little update drawing of my beloved ONLY persona OC, she's over 17 years old of a design I's changed many times as the years progressed. <3

Note: I decided, I wont care about what ppl think about her being too overpowered or weakness isn't enough for their liking. She's gonna be Overpowereddddd with no weakness. Given her one before, but I learned people arent satisfied enough with characters or goldy ones having a weakness unless they can use it to kill them instantly if it's in a RP. So you know what? Screwww the rules, godmode activated. She's my only OC/Persona and I want her to live/never dieee/be awesome blah blah. Call her a Mary sue too, dont caaaaare.

My character, my rules. =)

True Dragon form:

Other Info

Name: Sapphirus
Fullname: Sapphirus Dracas
Height: 5'9
RP Status: Retired, too many horny idiots ruining RP in general. Was fun while it lasted.
Age: Immortal/Age of the begining of existence, but looks to be 26.
Role: Deity/Goddess of Dragons and Elements (This include non elements)
Gender: Female
Martial Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight/Asexual


Gems/rainbow beads: They represent her elemental management, each color tells what type of element she can use, the gems help her control her powers. (without them, she'd be too dangerous)THERE IS ALSO ONE COLORFUL GEMSTONE ON HER FORHEAD TOO.

Elemental use: Fire, Nature, Electric, Holy, Dark, Venom, Mind, Wind, Earth, Ice.

Species: Humanoid/Eastern Chimera Dragoness (She's NOT a Furry)

Tails: They have minds of their own, they're like the snakes on a chimera, which is why part of her species is one. Right tail is the more calmer/strategist tail, Left is the fast reacting, aggressive tail. Dormant sometimes, that's when she can move them in her own. The gems on the tail serves as their eyes the middle is their main, which has a cat pupil.

Clothes: Sapphirus wears Leather based wardrobes, her neck area being pure white fur fluff. The top jacket opens with a gold zipper, clothes being mostly red and black. Top sleeves have diamond stone designs. Pants are black at the top, with armor-looking bottoms starting at the knees; also decorated with diamond stones, looks like she's wearing leg armor but it's clothing. Jacket bottom sleeves, hip area, pants bottoms carry the protective gemstones in them also.

Wings: Wings, well Sapph has the power to levitate, but wings are her 2nd flight support incase she can't at that moment. Bigger than her, feather meembraned look with gems on the bottom of them. Spiral halos ring around each hanging points on them. Double colored inner skin area inside the wings, top being Cyan, bottom same color as her markings. Golden rings clings around each wing on the bottom-mid claws, the way they're made into her wings, still a mystery... on the top base of the wings are a gemstone on each, colorful mixed also.

Boots: Grey leather with a Gold fronting on it. Soles are spiked, gold as well, like snow boots. A gemstone decorates each.

Abilities: Shapeshift, Sizeshift, can use Elemental powers and non element, Levitate or fly normally.

Strengths: Healing, Self healing, dragon control, Elemental immunity, can survive in space (True form thing)

Weakness: None.

Loves: Her husband cheborca, Dragons, Nature, Sleeping, Oranges, Orange Juice, Winter, helping ppl, being a guardian, swords, mustard, me time.

Hates: Dragon slayers, idiots, fire (even though she's immune to being burned by it), guns, evil.