The Assorted one +Beast Design 4 Sale+ OPEN by Sapphirus

The Assorted one +Beast Design 4 Sale+ OPEN


11 March 2015 at 12:08:29 MDT

Well this is a more detailed adopt. It's ean eastern dragon hybrid. It's a specially colored one, a dragon that creates colorful magic using the empty fins on it's back to produce the colors. Being red scaled, didn't need to have a red one added.

Sellign this design for 40$, USD only, no trades. I might haggle a bit.

MAIN RULE--Fake/false buyers will be blocked. Don't saying "I wanna buy" then ignore me after over a day. Or tell me to hold it, then you then say something annoying like "Sorry, im not buying, I stop collecting adopts". If you're no sure you want to buy then dont say you will, I can't stress this enough. Don't like hope breakers, serious buyers ONLY. Thanks.)

Other RULES:
1: First come first serve. Paypal ONLY, will not do trades or give this free. Pay first before work, you'll get the non watermarked version.
2: You can do what you want with it, aslong as you credit me. Upon receiving artwork, you must leave my signature on it. (I will make it smaller after bought)
3: Do NO Steal, copy, trace redistribute, only repost if you're the owner/buyer.
4: . The design belongs to you, art still copyrighted to me.
5: The design is final, no edits to this.