The Kiraga Double +Creature Designs 4 Sale+ by Sapphirus

The Kiraga Double +Creature Designs 4 Sale+


20 February 2015 at 10:33:06 MST

Selling the Kiraga siblings, they're a rare breed of Kirin and Naga mix. I decided to make a match relative for the male one I made first. The sister is older and the male is younger. Fire and water element they are. Selling them both for 40$ Paypal or each for 25$. I wont take trades, cash only.

MAIN RULE = Serious buyers only, fake buyers will be blocked for good. That means people who say they wanna buy something then take it back/ignore messages concerning it after 1 day. If you're not sure you wanna buy it then please don't ask about wanting to buy it. Thanks.

If you want to buy both or one, message, note, or reply, thanks. :3

Other rules:
1: You must pay first before receiving work. You'll get the Full version PNG non watermarked after, you're welcomed to ask for the PSD versions as well. Again, I dont accept trades, I dont need characters as I stick with one. USD only. I will do only 1 day holds only.

2: ONLY color changes, no lineart changes unless it's changing the eye into female or something. Give credit where it's due after buying it, and leave my signature on it. . I also will not add any sexual parts to the pic, as I find drawing that on animal characters disgusting... sorry. >_<
3: Do not repost, steal, trace, copy, redistribute, only repost if you're the owner of the design. The design is yours but the species and art is copyrighted to me, you may draw the species, but give credit to me. Thanks.

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