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Night+Light Fury Love by Sapphirus

Night+Light Fury Love


19 April 2019 at 11:03:23 MDT

Been overdue of me drawing Toothless and the Light Fury into a pic, I love these two so much!

I will be honest, it was hilarious how many ppl raged about this Movie when Dreamworks first showed peeks of it, I loved it so much LOL. (Won't say why...) BUT I finally seen HTTYD 3 and I LOVED it, i'm so happpy Toothless finally got a female mate that is related to his species, even though it's Light instead of Night. The ending is kinda what I expected tbh, thanks to the movie advertisement lol. Will color soon, i'd trying to draw this in my style yet stay with the Fury body style at the same time also. :D