Sapphirus +Elementro Impact+ by Sapphirus

Sapphirus +Elementro Impact+


6 July 2018 at 01:02:22 MDT

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Sapphirus' wings isn't as fully extended in this pic. Been wanting to make a newer version, since the other was too much to edited an updated look to it. Being that the Goddess of Dragons & Elements, she tends to trigger ppl because of her overly complex details, being a straight character, and Mary-Uber-Sue powers. This is my precious persona, I have no shame LOL!

Name of the move is: Elementro Impact!
Sapphirus's Ultimate attack. It's an energy ball of every Element and Non-Element mixed into one ball, which becomes a rainbow ball (Meaning elemental powers only). Which is the size of the sun! In this mode, Sapph's size is enlarged also, kinda like her True form here, but the dragon will always be bigger.

Imagine this move being done in her true form.... xD