Dual Goddess's Aura Show +Sapphirus+ by Sapphirus

Dual Goddess's Aura Show +Sapphirus+


6 November 2017 at 04:24:55 MST

Drawing Sapphirus Flying which has been a long while, though she doesn't really need wings due to her levitation ability, but since I love wings, she loves them also. They're mixed with feathers and membranes because my undecided ass can't decide between them. She can make them appear or re-appear for conveniences such as fitting into tight spots, and love making with (my anime/game husbandos LOL). Being the Goddess of Dragons & Elements, she has access to every element and non element, and she loves to show it off when she flies. Flaunting that triggering Mary Sue Pride.
Red: = Fire
Orange= Earth
Yellow= Electric or energy
Green = Nature
Blue = Water
Cyan = Ice/Wind
Magenta = Venom
Purple = Mind
Black = Dark (I couldn't add the Aura since the BG Is black)
White = Holy/Light