Ignis Stalker by Sapphirus

Ignis Stalker


1 August 2017 at 06:13:40 MDT

Here's a studly Ignis from FFXV, along with a creepy Plushi/Chibi ish Sapphirus, my persona hanging on his should, being a creepy obsessive fangirl as I made her, not directly reflecting me because these are things i'd never say outloud to a guy, but Sapphirus is my alter ego, though I give her more amusing roles in comics. She got him to dress more flashier too + a lovely heart necklace LOL. xD
Side info (As some already read for the WIP)

This is to make fun of my childhood kink LOL. This Kink kinda reborn when I started playing FFXV, I blame Ignis for this.

Men with Glasses, because when they take them off, it's like stripping to me, and when they're removed I get all blushy and shit and shy because they're mega hott without them, if you know what I mean.... (Totally not creepy coming from me....nope...). Glasses on a guy can be like a wrapping on a gift type of something?

TooWeirdSorryButAtleastIt'sNotAMorallyDisgustingKinkOk? >_>