Sapphirus MLP 4 +Mini MLP Reference+ by Sapphirus

Sapphirus MLP 4 +Mini MLP Reference+


16 October 2015 at 02:48:47 MDT

Note: Yes, its a complicate design, I love her like that, always will no matterrr what ppl say. :c
Sapph General design:
This is a redo pic, revamped of these other forms. I Remade her into liek a draconequus type of creature in this form.

1st pic:
2nd pic:
3rd pic:

I redid the hooves and some other parts, she wears back feet wear, kinda similar to her humanoid form's boots. She has slight marking design differences in this form also. I'm not good with horses so I worked the best I can without drawing in absolutely MLP style, I don't favor bases since it's not really art (as in your own). SO i'd feel guilty using someone elses art to make Sapphy's MLP form.