The Pomvons! +Creature adopts 4 Sale+ by Sapphirus

The Pomvons! +Creature adopts 4 Sale+


6 August 2015 at 23:02:52 MDT


I'm quite happppy how these came out. They're Alienated Hybrid of feline known as Pomvons. Female is the top, male on bottom. They can produce like rabbits if left unattended for too long. They Levitate and float cutely in the air, very friendly. Male's size is like a Grizzly bear, female like a slightly smaller version of that.

Pockers: 15$ (OPEN) <----Female
Stumpy: 18$ ( OPEN) <----Male

or both for 30$

Note, reply or message if interested. (USD PAYPAL only, nothing else)

MAIN RULE--Fake/false buyers will be blocked. Don't saying "I wanna buy" then ignore me after over a day. Or tell me to hold it, then you then say something annoying like "Sorry, im not buying, I stop collecting adopts". If you're no sure you want to buy then dont say you will, I can't stress this enough. Don't like hope breakers, serious buyers ONLY. Thanks.)

Other RULES:
1: First come first serve. Paypal ONLY, will not do trades or give this free. Pay first before work, you'll get the non watermarked version.
2: You can do what you want with it, aslong as you credit me. Upon receiving artwork, you must leave my signature on it. (I will remove the one on the body)
3: Do NO Steal, copy, trace redistribute, only repost if you're the owner/buyer.
4: . The design belongs to you, art/species still copyrighted to me.
5: Color edits, and text edits only, adding info and name on it etc.
6: Do not sell this design higher than what you paid for.

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