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Weapons of Choice by Saph-Fire

Weapons of Choice


11 April 2015 at 01:06:26 MDT

** 'PHYROX' SUMMONS: Vulcan Boomerang **

Weapon Detail: Constructed of lightweight, polished carbon steel; this standard-grade weapon is very durable to heat & impact, and is corrosion-resistant. Special mineral-based nanotech decoration allows the boomerang to illuminate in the dark for enhanced visibility. Normally, it can only strike one target at a time (either to stun or destroy) before returning to Phyrox.

** 'HYPER_FLAME' NOW FORMS: Igniting Glaive **

Weapon Detail: The stones of the V-Trio forge the Vulcan Boomerang into a 3-bladed trefoil harmonized by technology and magic. Gold-plated, high-tensile titanium alloy means a virtually indestructible design from both intense heat & impact; despite this construction, the Glaive is unusually lightweight, allowing for even farther & faster flights. When thrown, the spinning glaive instantly combusts with white flames for extra damage, and can strike multiple targets (piercing most known materials) before magically returning to Hyper_Flame.